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A lot of things have been happening this my last post. Among the many, I've been ill with a, frankly, irritating flu/sinus infection that just won't go, I got braces, I dyed my hair, and finally was able to get some of the items on my A/W wishlist! It seems to look more and more like summer is finally over here in England. I've been dragged down from London to the countryside, cancelling all social plans due to this awful illness, and looking outside, I'm starting to feel very autumnal - is that even a word? It's windy, rainy, and theres that crisp feeling in the air that always reminds me of autumn. Plus, the fact that I've been slouching around in a scarf 24/7. Anyway, I've been feeling like I need some luck recently. My family took me out to a little village fair, about 20 minutes away from my country house today. It was sweet, with stalls selling candy floss and old records and home made jam. I stumbled upon a little brooch, partly hidden away by a black velvet cloth, and instantly had to buy it.
Rabbits foot; This belief begun centuries ago when people were fascinated by the creature's running style, in which its hind legs land first, before the front legs. An old english tradition, stemming from celtic beliefs, the rabbit is supposed bring power to the possessor.
Now, obviously, I am going to expect a few formspring messages or comments with the usual "Thats disgusting, etc etc". Believe me, I understand that some people are squeamish about it, including my mother, judging from the fact that we own a rabbit ourselves. However, I DO have a fascination with symbolism, and stranger still, taxidermy. The way that the brooch has been made, the tiny details like the chain, and the silver 'holder' and the whole pre-celtic belief about it are a little plus to such an interesting little piece. Do you have any strange, weird or quirky good luck charms or items at all? I'd love to hear! Panda xo


  1. Lovely outfit, I love your hair!

  2. oh, that's a bid morbid, but definitely unique!
    I hope you'll get the desired rabbit power :D
    And no, I don't have any good luck charms... all I have is a crystal.

    and I really like your new haircolour! <3

  3. Smile!! You look so sad..but beautiful outfit girl!


  4. You look awesome !
    love your hair !

  5. aww i hope you feel better! i'm sure it'll be over in any time!
    love the new hair colour, i thought something changed! aha!
    lovely outfit, the skirt is gorgeous!
    Krissy xoxo

  6. i hope you get better! and your dark hair is just amazing!

  7. omg dark hair suits you so much, amaazing!

  8. dear , WHERE IS YOUR LIGHT HAIR ? I CAN´T FIND THEM ! //)) nooo .you looks beautiful

  9. Loving the dark hair, it suits you! And what a lovely velvet skirt.

  10. Love the velvet skirt, and your hair looks lovely darker xx

  11. i adore your new hair and autumnal look. there's something quite enchanting and alluring about that brooch, i like it :)

    Vintage Stop at www.vickileestyle.blogspot.com

  12. Lovely post, glad your better! And i agree i think autumn's defiantly round the corner. Love your outfit. Thankyou for your comment xx


  13. Your hair is incredibly pretty and i love your skirt - where's it from??


  14. I love your new hair colour, you're like a hair chameleon, any colour looks so great on you! I really like your brooch,it's quite quirky :)
    Hope you get better my lovely!

  15. cute outfit! love the hat and skirt x

  16. I love your hair dark!
    That rabbits foot is beautiful.. is that weird to say? However, I could never bring myself to wear one, as I too have a rabbit.


  17. Your hair looks so gorgeous, and I love your skirt! So pretty.

  18. Oh Panda! How are you? :)
    You're great, and more great!


  19. Love the velvet! Hope you get better soon!

    Carmen Ri.

  20. I saw the picture on Facebook, OHH my god it looks so pretty :)

    xo Camilla


  21. I'm in love with the brown hair, you look so chic aha...plus the broach is fabulous- one of those little keepsakes! Hope you feel better soon! The hurricane was actually just like an english storm where I was, so it was fine hehe...lovely post as ever! Izzy xo

  22. Nice look!


  23. beautiful outfit, u look sad tought ;)

  24. You look gorgeous with dark hair! Love your skirt and tights together :)

  25. I love your outfit, it looks great! xoxo

  26. Hehe, it's that skirt and that bridge again! Love the velvet! :D And I hope nobody leaves you formspring messages saying "ewww gross" cos it's like shut up why does it matter. I think it's quite cute. As long as it's been washed. :)
    Your hair looks really cool! Although I did like it when it was ginger (gingers ftw in my opinion... I'm not allowed to dye my hair, it's too much of a "rare shade" haha) it does look really awesome!

    OMG this has been a bit of a ramble now hasn't it. I do apologise.

    OOOOOH, I was in Beyond Retro and I bought a jumper with a panda on it in case we ever meet up.

    Well that's really creepy, I'll be going now...
    Tegan xo

    P.S you were right, autumnal is a word! Can't wait for autumn - jumpers etc. :D OK I really will go now. Luff ya. xo

  27. love your hair and although myself I am abit squeamish about that kind of stuff, I'm fascinated by legends ect.so it pretty cool.I'm feeling atumny too going about in jumpers which I've discovered can be fashionable too xx

  28. This is so nice, like it a lot!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  29. I love your entire outfit as always&for some reason I don't find it gross-i think those fox thingies are gross when they still have the legs and head attached...something about it makes me queasy but the rabbit's foot doesn't
    it makes sense, it's a good luck charm
    plus i don't think you're rabbit's like "OMG,CLARENCE?!?!"

  30. WOW! i love the brown hair. I had to check to make sure it was youu ;)
    The rabbits foot looks pretty cool.....hopefully it brings you luck and makes you feel better! Such an old tradition is really awesome, and not disgusting (after all, theres no blood and guts) to me at all.

  31. you look absolutely gorgeous with dark hair!! am loving the whole outfit esp. the velvet skirt.
    i'm also suffering from this really annoying flu, hope you'll feel better soon <3

  32. i loveeeee that skirt!
    hope you're feeling a lot better now!
    and i LOVE the rabbit foot thing, i used to have one :-) i'm not really one for lucky charms or anything, i tend to think my outlook on life is what brings me all my luck because i am SO optimistic, which seems to bring such good things to me/whatever comes to me i think is good haha xxxxxxxxx

  33. Cute skirt - I love velvet for autumn.
    Really like your new blog header btw, but personally I think it would look neater with just the one stag silhouette...
    Hope you feel better soon sweetie! xxx

  34. you look adorable, hun! great blog!


  35. Your hair looks amazing! That rabbits foot is so cute and thank you for helping me out in the Bloggers Wardrobe competition! :) Much appreciated! I've followed your blog for ages and it makes me happy that you read mine too ^___^!

  36. Lovely outfit, you look gorgeous.

  37. awesome photos! your hair looks great!


    Meena ♥

  38. Hey! I sent you my article for Doomed Youth magazine yesterday but you haven't replied and I'm kind of worried there is something wrong with my e-mail and you didn't receive it...
    Please let me know if the article was ok. :)

  39. This rabbit-thing is so cute!
    So glad to came around your blog again after so much time :)


  40. That is so cool!!

    plasticshutters.blogspot.com - please take a glance!

  41. i pre-ordered it from here http://www.gomerch.com/shop/body.php?module=product_details&pid=5022&id=202
    you can only order vinyl now though, so if you wanted a digital copy you're going to have to buy it off itunes!
    man it's so good i want to cry! wavves need to come back to london, i can't believe i passed up the opportunity to see them last november!


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