Goodbye, and a Hello

After using this space for over three years, it's time for Toujours Au Feminin to close it's chapter. From Studmuffin, to Bleeding Knees Club and Wanderlust, this blog and it's various names has documented my style changes and growth from a lowly fourteen year old, to a (hopefully) matured seventeen year old. From all the followers who have been with me since the begining, I can't fully thank you for your support through the years. To my new followers, thank you for being part of my world and blog. However, when one book closes, another opens in it's place. I have started a new blog, "Masculine/Feminine", documenting mens fashion, lifestyle, as well as my own personal style. However, it will be a space where I can write, inspire and create. I hope to see some of you faithful followers over at my new domain, HERE.

Thank you to everyone who made this blog what it is! Hopefully you'll join me on my new blog, and voice your opinion.


The Love Letter Project

contact: theloveletterproject@live.com


Outfit | Gangster Squad

Reduced to mirror pictures while I'm revising for my mocks! Woe is me, I really need to invest in some decent outfit posts. I'm really loving classic sharp silohettes, and simple outfits at the minute. Nothing better than a clean mens white shirt, black jeans, leather and a vintage fedora. Oh, and of course a Givenchy phone case.