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I'm still dressing up in giant coats, scarfs and warm hats but already I'm planning out my spring wardrobe. I'm not a big lover of bright colours, and I seem to divide my seasons into colour groups; autumn/winter means all black outfits with lots of layers, masculine shapes and deep red lips. However, this spring/summer I've decided to try something new and work more with pale colours and feminine detailing, thin straps, white, beading, perspex and pastel pinks. Despite me and the colour black having a long and beautiful relationship for the past 4 months, I think it's time to try something different for 2013. What are all your 'clothes resolutions' for the new year? 


  1. Loved this post, some much needed inspiration for me. I love posts like this :)

    My clothes resolution is probably to go for good basics and spend less on 'trend pieces'. I want a wardrobe where more of my clothes go together, they all just clash at the minute and I tend to wear the same combinations every day - definitely wanting to change that! Like you though, I'm definitely wanting to try more with wearing pastels. I tend to avoid them, when they're really lovely.


  2. I will try to wear more white. My wardrobe is 99% black at the time.
    (maybe i'll try wear more color all along the line?)

  3. i'm in a difficult relationship to escape with black. it's easy though, but i guess my 'clothes resolution' would be to wear more white and to stock up on basics/classics rather than what's in fashion.

    good luck with yours! i wouldn't be able to do it, however transparent accessories are perf

  4. so so cute! love it! xx


  5. I am in love with that clear bag and that blue shiny top xxx


  6. Love all these pics xx


  7. Transparent bags are a really interesting concept and look cool, but I don't know if I want everyone seeing my stuff!


  8. My resolution is that ACNE jacket.

    Marry me jacket.

    X Camilla

  9. I love these photos, yeah I'm bundled up in about 50 layers but planning clothes for spring too. I think my clothes resolutions are to dress a little more minimalist, and a little less messy/boho/this-was-the-only-clean-thing-I-had.

    ps. your blog is literally my favourite thing ever ever ever xx

    dozen dresses

  10. Thank you for your comment! <3
    Such lovely pictures you've chosen. Gave me a huge urge to get or make something transparent or nude.
    Well I've been trying to collect pieces in black, white and grey for the last six months since previously I hardly owned any. Right now they're pretty much the only colours I wear (mind some maroon or emerald sparks I might add) since they fit so nicely together. My resolution could be trying to add some more textures into my wardrobe and try combine the pieces in more creative ways and not just strut around in my skinnies and knits all the time.

  11. ooh sounds a fantastic look I hope you'll post more. I think my clothes resolutions are a leather jacket, good jeans, chelsea boots - basically all I need to survive the lower sixth xx

  12. These pictures are so inspiring! I definitely want to dress in more delicate things with thin straps etc, more minimalist xx

  13. Bring on the Spring/Summer! That low backed dress is beautiful! xx


  14. Great inspirations !
    I want to buy less clothes in 2013 :)


  15. Love the ACNE Jacket and the clear bags! so cool! x


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