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Me and my co-editor have been working on the magazine a lot recently, perfecting and tweaking, going over articles. I'm particularly excited about the interview/photography section. With the big big rise in skate culture among young people at the moment, I've been tracking down some great photographers and street wear companies to feature. Jackson Bowley is a hidden gem on the internet, 16 years old and obsessed with Best Coast and Larry Clark films. He captures snapshots from his everyday life, or what he would call "shit that looks cool and weird". Whatta babe.

Hi Jackson! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do.
Well, I'm a photographer from Nottingham, and I first started around December last year.

Was your introduction to photography sudden, or triggered by anything? How did it come about?
At first my friend had a new canon DSLR, and I was playing about with it. I decided I was gonna get one, as they were fun to mess about with. I then got a film SLR and it all started from there, I never really thought about it beforehand.

I've noticed you work mainly in film, is it something to do with the retrospective of it, or is it something that attracted you more than digital for the unplanned/unexpected results you get?
The main reason I work with film is I think it looks so much better than digital. If your take two images, one film, one digital, I will always prefer the film image. I also love the fact that you get a hard copy of the photo that you can look at and share with your friends. I think all this talk of the latest gadgets is rubbish - film in my option will always be better than digital!

Your work focuses mainly on teens, youth, snapshots of life. Would you say your photos give people a vie on modern teenage life, or growing up?
I like to think so! Me and my friends always end up doing some weird shit, and I try to document that and show people what we do. I like to take my camera to parties because [parties] are so very random, you get some great hilarious shots. I do a lot of photos of friends doing graffiti and skating because I think it's such an interesting sub culture.

Yeah, I was about to say! There's such a big skate culture growing in young people nowadays. Would you ever consider shooting brand photography as a follow up from your work now? Have you done any comission works for magazines and companies yet?
I would definitely consider doing that, I'd love to get my twist on brand photography and see what the results would be like. And no, I haven't, not at the minute.

Would you look towards becoming more 'mainstream' with your work or do you want to keep it more as a side project or hobby?
Well, I would love a job in photography if thats what you mean, but I don't intend to focus 100% on it for my futue. I'll most likely keep it as a side project.

Your 16 years old, so obviously still at school. Do you take photography or art as a subject itself?
I take art as a subject, but hate it so so so much. I'm not the greatest drawer, and we have to take pictures of the most mundane objects - it's completely what I'm against. In college I'm going to take photography and I think I should enjoy that a lot more.

Yeah, I know what you mean. Art coursework is so much effort, and there isn't much scope. Do you think you would ever move into working with film or other media?
I'm going to study film studies at college and ICT. My ambition, if not photography, would be something in the media world. I don't think i could bear a boring office job.

I agree! Who wants to sit around drinking coffee, recreating the same dull routine over and over again?! What do your friends think of your photos? Have you met a lot of people through you work?
A lot of my friends compliment me on my work which is great because it's hard to get your work our to a broader range. Some people even ask me for help with their own photography! And yeah, I've met a through people. I think social sites like Flickr help that a lot.

And lastly, how would you describe teenage life in 5 words?
Experimental, scary, fun, surprising and blurry at times.

you can visit Jacksons cargo collective here, and his tumblr here.


  1. Your blog is fantastic! You're very inspiring, I wish I was as awesome as you when I was 15 :)

    x K.

    Love Letters to Lola

  2. wow, he´s such great!! )))
    i love graffiti and good young people! like it!)

  3. "me and my co-editor" sounding so professional and exciting! I can't wait to see more - I loved reading this interview, it's so real! His work really highlights teenage life.

  4. thats so cool, it's interesting because alot of skaters are also photographers aswell and always seem to have really nice cameras x

  5. This is such a great interview, I actually just found your blog and think you're so interesting and ambitious! Cheers to successful youth


  6. such an interesting interview! totally love your blog too, so impressed by everything you have done despite being only 15! inspiring
    peace and love


  7. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog, I follow you :D
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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