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Yesterday Lucy and I went over to the Portobello Pop-Up Cinema last night to watch 'The Story of Lovers Rock', a documentary covering the genre, that left us wistfully wishing to be born in the 70s. Often dubbed 'romantic reggae', Lovers Rock is a uniquely black British sound that developed in the late 70s and 80’s. This amazing film sheds light on a forgotten period of British music, social and political history. Using wonderful archive and interviews Shabazz draws much need light to this much loved genre and the generation that embraced it. Even though we ended up freezing to death (when did it suddenly get so cold?!) It was such a sweet film, and there was even a Q&A with the director afterwards. Although the cinema is in its last days for this year, if you are around you should have a look, even if your not watching a movie, the cinema with its collection of random chairs, tiny fairlight decked stall outside selling drinks and cardboard box light art installations is a treat. It's easy to get to - after all it is Portobello, an area steeped in such an iconic history of creative subculture, and shows some really brilliant unseen films. Quick, catch the two last movies - fast!

22 October 2011 07:30 PM
DON LETTS presents: SUPERSONIC THE REBEL DREAD, Don Letts, grammy award winning film-maker presents: ‘SUPERSONIC THE REBEL DREAD’. 2010, 48 mins, dir Raphael Erichsen. ‘RASTANAUGHT’,U.K 5mins. To be followed by a special anniversary tribute in memory of Ari UP (with guests.) From the Don Letts archive ‘ARI -FASHIONS’ & ‘SLITS PICTURES’, U.K 1979.

23 October 2011 07:30 PM
PRIVATE ROAD (12) plus Q&A, 89 mins 1971 Dir Barney Platts Mills, starring Bruce Robinson & Susan Penhaligon.
Private Road is undoubtedly one of the great lost British masterpieces. On this film’s initial release, Platts-Mills was forced to hire a cinema to show his film only to then witness its effective disappearance for almost 40 years. This wistful and wilful film now looks like a template for the new British realist cinema. Pop-Up Finale. A special Q&A with director Barney Platts Mills follows the screening.


  1. This sounds like such a cute night out. Makes me wish I was that bit closer to the area!

  2. sounds awesome! wish I lived in London...arrh, Mike and I need to come to London again and meet up when I have more moneez! haha I know, if someone turns up as a slutty cat I'll be like BOOO GO HOME! haha my Deathly Hallows tat has gone now :( we have to go back to that stall, pay for that nice man's dinner again ;) xo

  3. oh i'm going to london tomorrow MAYBE, so might think about it!
    hope you had a good night though :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. sounds like fun! X


  5. sounds really cool,did you get my email with things for your magazine? cos you didnt reply but you know xx


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