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Loafers - Office
Things on my mind recently? The frequent rain (and a few storms), exams, maths, getting a fringe, the summer, spain and Jill Stuart's resort '12 collection. Each day feels like 2, and each week drags on. How long till the summer? I've been filling my time with procrastinating and eating ice cream. This weekend I went to my schools fair - and you Londoners will know what I'm talking about - only to have it wrecked by the biggest and shortest burst of hail, rain and wind. People were being dragged across the field with the marquees, all the stalls were blown over, and my friends and I were soaked to the skin. I don't think I've ever been that cold for a while, I could feel the water soaking into my bones. We went up to catch a movie, and missed it that evening, so we walked around for a little. I managed to pick up these beautiful loafers, building up my basics section of my new wardrobe. More posts late this week, after all my exams are over! Comments are disabeld for a little while, until I have the time. But feel free to ask me a question here! Panda xo