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Like most aspiring clothing collectors across the blogsphere, I'm always searching for "the one". Oh how that phrase brings joy to the hearts of fashion gals all over the world - the perfect item. An item you can hold onto for years to come (sorry boyfriend), treasure, stroke reassuringly in times of need, an item that looks effortless paired with anything. My searches for "the one" have come in many different forms, the perfect white shirt, the perfect leather jacket, the perfect pair of heels. Sadly, "the one" usually is too expensive for me to lay my hands on (i.e the perfect white shirt, rag & bone, why you so pricey?!) or is impossible to hunt down. Until yesterday, my search for the perfect bag was unrequited. That was, until I laid eyes on the most beautiful bag I have ever seen. Hello, Zara bucket bag - or the 'shopper basket'. First of all, it's big. I mean, really big. It can fit everything in, laptop, keys, make up, kitchen sink. Secondly, it's minimal. There is nothing I hate more than tacky bags with a thousand zips, patterns, fabrics and weird twiddly bits with no purpose. Thirdly, it's made of the softest leather and comes in three gorgeous colours. Finally, it's only 39.99. What more could you want? While my perfectly perfect wishlist is still waiting to be completed, at least I can cross one line off for now.....


  1. My Nan bought the black one from Zara, fingers crossed she gives it to me once she doesnt want it anymore! I love having a trendy Nan!


  2. I NEED that creamish coloured one!
    Love your blog x

  3. this website does a cheaper copy, my friend has it and its an exact replica of the zara one just cheaper!love your blog!xx

  4. Heyy god I LOVE your blog so much, I wasn't sure where to reply to your comment but OMG thank you, I didn't write much on my thoughts on the mens collections because it does seem like no one gives a crap but I just don't get it either I LOVE mens fashion week!

    Love this bag too, I had my eye on it on the website but I wasn't sure if it would be big enough for uni/my laptop so it's great to hear you can cram everything in it :)


  5. that is a gorgeous bag.I think I saw someone wearing it the other day and I found myself wondering where on earth it came from x

  6. ahhh love the cream one! xo


  7. Zara bags are just divine!


  8. Love all Zara bags and I got my mum this one for her birthday, haven't managed to steal it yet ;)

  9. I love this bag, such a perfect size too! x

  10. I have this bag in the brown colour! It literally fits everyyyything! :)

  11. this is a beautiful bag!

    great blog too, definitely following!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my brand new worldwide giveaway!

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